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On-site Optical Lab

Better quality, cost control and service are some of the many ways our eyewear finishing lab contributes to superior patient care.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to edge, polish, and tint lenses under the critical eyes of our own office staff. This puts us in control of the quality of your finished eyewear. Producing your lenses in-house also allows us to keep costs down, since we are no longer at the mercy of outside labs’ spiraling costs.

On-site tinting, ultraviolet coating, scratch coating and other customized lens treatments can also be done more quickly and economically in our in-office lab with its high-tech equipment. Our opticians can be more creative, easily filling your individual request, such as certain shades of tint or other desired lens treatments. If you have a special look in mind, just ask!

Our lab even stocks hundreds of lenses in-house. In certain cases, we are able to edge your lenses into your existing frame while you wait. This is exceptionally convenient for our patients who are unable to leave their frames behind.

We take pride in our in-house lab, and make every effort to focus on the details of crafting a beautiful pair of glasses.